Choices Stories You Play – Overview And Currencies

Choices Stories You Play – Overview And Currencies

There are so many interactive games available out there and you can easily find that choices stories you play is one of them which is getting the much hype these days. There are huge numbers of features to make it better than others and the simple gameplay is behind the success. It is available on both IOS and Android from google play for free of cost.

Being the Freemium game doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend a single penny on it. Even it offers you the in-app purchases and it can be used to buy the virtual currency to play this game with ease. Key and diamond are two currencies, both are important and required in many works. Having lack of currency can make you stuck in issues.


Keys are primary but also important. These are used in unlocking of awesome stories and reading them. You have a decent amount of keys on the beginning and these automatically generate after every three hours.


There is nothing more important than this currency in the game. Diamond is premium and it can be obtained after completing a chapter or by trying Choices Hack. It is quite helpful in getting keys because these are convertible however these are available in limited amount.

About The Game

This Freemium game is developed and designed by Pixelberry studios. On the other hand, the publisher is same on both platforms. This game is available globally and you can easily find it in simulation category. The foal in this game is to make choices. The unique ending of every story is the main factor behind popularity.

Here, users are able to play awesome stories as well as the developer offer you to create stories too. Being a fabricator of stories can be tough but it will help in developing some of the awesome skills.

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