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Tuesday, June 23 2015

Want to Be a Successful Prudential Agent?

Becoming agen asuransi yang sukses is not destiny but the choices that can be taken and made. The point is if you do not choose to be successful, success will not come to you. It may sound strange but the facts on the ground show that there are many novice insurance agents who fail in the first few months of despair. If you are a new prudential agent who wants to get success, it is advisable to do the following:


Attend the event business opportunity presentation or seminars related to insurance

Yup, just like success in life which usually starts from theory, be an insurance agent Prudential was also need theory to improve science and capabilities. For that, immediately sign up to attend the business opportunity presentation (BOP) or seminar on insurance held by Prudential.

Show consistency

Failure will always accompany your steps, maybe not now, but later on in the future. When trouble comes, show your consistency in a way not easily give up. Whatever happens, keep your efforts continue to gain customers and recruiting new agents. It does take a long time, but you will get used to if you do not easily give up and realize the benefits of becoming an insurance agent.

Choose the right team

If you're among the failed people, most likely you will be one of them later. Conversely, if you are around success people, success will always come to you. Similarly, when choosing the team at Prudential insurance company. You are strongly advised to choose team filled by people who have a passion and want to help each other. With this, you can get success together.

Wednesday, June 10 2015

I Love Tanah Lot

In January 2015, I invited my wife to go on vacation to Bali. I also planned to meet my old friend who lives in Ubud and likes going on vacation to Lombok at that moment. She looked happy when listening to my invitation because she really wanted to refresh mind and get new experience. After buying tickets and booking hotel, we went to Bali soon. I felt lucky because when arriving there, my friend wanted to pick up us in Ngurah Rai International Airport. He also brought us to have dinner first before going to hotel.


Another day, we started our journey. The first tourism spot we visited was Ubud. We chose this place because we wanted to meet my old friend there. Ubud is a beautiful place and an icon of Bali. All things looked natural and peace so we enjoyed spending our second day in Bali. In third day, my old friend invited me to visit a temple that was called pura. Initially, I just thought that the temple was a common religious place for local people there. Actually, I was wrong because the place was unique and exotic in which not all tourists may enter it. Even, we and my friend did not get permission to enter the temple. See my journey at Tanah lot here.

Anyway, my friend told me that we could look beautiful sunset there. We waited for one hour there while eating and drinking. We were lucky because at that moment the temple was not crowded by many tourists so we could enjoy looking sunset. To be honest, I never looked beautiful sunset like that. I took some pictures with sunset background together with my wife and friend. I love Tanah Lot and I promise to go back there someday later.

Tuesday, May 19 2015

L'importanza dei Denti Spazzolatura dopo un Pasto


Rapporto reciproco non solo per la famiglia o amici, ma anche sul corpo di uno dei membri del dente. Non basta cercare di ottenere la funzionalità piuttosto che denti, ma anche il più possibile nel caso in cui e le cure dentistiche e ritorna dietro. Lavarsi i denti dopo aver mangiato così un semplice gesto che può essere fatto. Vieni a discutere ulteriormente l'importanza di lavarsi i denti dopo aver mangiato!

Fare un alito fresco indietro

Che cosa succede se si rimuove il cattivo alito? Non solo vi sentirete in imbarazzo, ma anche quelli intorno a voi vi sentirete a disagio. In effetti, è possibile rendere spostarli. Se è così, e tanto meno per avere una fidanzata, avere un amico per parlare non esisteva. Non voglio avere problemi così? Assicurati di lavarsi i denti dopo aver mangiato. In questo modo, il resto del cibo contenuto nei denti non decomporsi e innescare l'alito cattivo. Non dimenticare di spazzolare la lingua e il palato!

Fai denti bianchi e puliti

Sorriso o risata non esiterà quando ha denti bianchi e puliti, giusto? Per avere denti bianchi e puliti, si dovrebbe strofinare i denti decidui dopo la masticazione varietà di cibi piccanti, dolci o salati e bertekstrur gommoso, morbidi o duri. Provare a utilizzare la tecnica di spazzolamento dei denti che ruotano a destra, verticale e orizzontale. Se necessario, utilizzare il filo interdentale o collutorio dopo lavarsi i denti al fine di massimizzare nuovo.Clicca BellaDenti.it per trovare un modo per ottenere denti bianchi e puliti, oltre a lavarsi i denti.

Prevenire problemi dentali

Problemi dentali è diventato uno di un problema molto fastidioso. Tartaro, problemi dentali che possono rovinare l'aspetto, mentre le cavità dentali problemi in modo che possono portare a dolore del dente a volte rende il lavoro diventa inattivo. Tuttavia, se non si dimentica di lavarsi i denti dopo aver mangiato, problemi dentali possono essere evitati vero. I seguenti due problemi dentali il cui accadimento può prevenire:

  • Tartaro. Tartaro è in realtà formata dal resto del cibo contenuto nei denti è stata anch'essa autorizzata. Come risultato, i batteri appaiono poi messi sostanze acide aumenta e alla fine formano tartaro. Più che rovinare la bellezza dei denti, tartaro può anche rendere i denti fragili. Se è così, troverete difficile consumare cibo, soprattutto il duro strutturato.
  • Cavità. Per quanto possibile mantenere i denti per non perforato. Cavità possono portare ad altri problemi che sono l'alito cattivo, mal di denti, infezioni gengivali, e anche altre malattie pericolose. Come? Spazzolare i denti almeno due volte al giorno e preferibilmente dopo un pasto in modo semplice passo che si può fare per prevenire la carie.

Una breve attività che non richiede un lungo periodo di tempo come lavarsi i denti dopo i pasti, infatti, portare effetti positivi per voi. A tal fine, non si strinse nelle spalle esso! "Ho mangiato fuori, quindi è impossibile spazzolino direttamente?" Nessuna ragione, almeno di risciacquare con il colluttorio che è stato ampiamente diffuso sul mercato con varie dimensioni che vanno da grandi a piccoli che non hanno luogo se messo in un sacchetto.

Thursday, May 7 2015

Wrong Mindset about Woman’s Fertility


Fertility is an important factor for women to get pregnant fast. Unfortunately, not many people understand about fertility. Not a few women who have the wrong mindset about fertility. As a result, the mindset makes them difficult to get a descent in a quick time. Furthermore, following several mindsets:

I will stop smoking during pregnancy

There are many factors that make women smoke. First, the association remembers his friends is a smoker. Secondly, a broken home that smoking is perceived stressful activity is lost. For some women, smoking has become a necessity so it's very difficult to stop. No wonder they say “I’m going to quit smoking during pregnancy". Whereas should, nicotine in cigarettes not only disrupt egg maturation maturity but also interfere with fertility.

I will continue to consume sprouts so fertile

Much information mentions that sprouts become one of the foods that can be consumed to increase fertility. On this, not a few women who are always cooking sprouts made from soup to pan along with other vegetables. This is not wrong because sprouts contain vitamin E, which can maintain the health of the uterine wall. However, if you only eat sprouts every day is not supported by other foods, adequate rest, regular exercise, as well as other supporting supplements increase is relatively small opportunities.

I'm still young so there must have fertile womb

Was still at a young age, so do not be afraid to infertility. Remember, infertility not only be experienced by women in adulthood, women are at a young age can also experience it. This is because an unhealthy diet (consumption of caffeine, alcohol, smoking, fried foods, and others), sleep quality, stress cannot be overcome with good, not exercise regularly, and many more. Although still easy, check fertility as early as possible is important.

Thursday, April 23 2015

Use UNP Iron for High Quality Building Structure


Last week, I met my former business partner. Why did I say “former”? Well, we used to be cooperating in fashion business in the past, but now he pursued his own dream and now become a professional architect. That was a kind of surprise for me because I didn’t think he would be. We talked a lot about our current life and indeed business.

Coincidentally, I had a project to build a clothing store in the city. That’s why, I thought it was a big chance to meet him in order to get a lot of suggestions from him. Without a doubt, he helped me design for my upcoming building. For the framework or structure, using UNP iron is what he recommended at that time. Why?

UNP iron is a great choice since it is so sturdy. As we know, in construction, we need high quality materials to structure the building and keep it durable later on. Well, by using UNP iron, the risk of having poor materials is reduced. Even, it lets us prevent building framework issues that generally occur in building.

Apart from asking and discussing the benefits or the reasons of using UNP iron, it was also important for me to find out clearly where to buy the products that are in good quality and affordable price. My buddy also knows right about this. He sent a me the following link: www.dutaartasempana.co.id/72_product_besi_unp.

Duta Arta Sempana is a kind of online steel shop today that offers the best UNP iron products. Finally, the constuction project is running now.

Sunday, April 19 2015

Bingung Pilih Toko Besi Terpercaya? Ke Duta Arta Sempana Aja

Membuat jalan beton berkualitas bukanlah hal yang mudah karena dibutuhkan kepiawaian dari para kontraktor dan material berkualitas agar jalan beton keras dan kuat serta sanggup menahan beban yang berat. Memilih kontraktor yang mampu mengerjakan proyek ini sebenarnya tidak begitu sulit karena ada banyak di luar sana. Hanya perlu kehati-hatian dan selektif dalam memilih kontraktor. Bagaimana dengan material? Hal ini bisa menjadi kendala utama karena banyak toko yang menyediakan bahan-bahan yang berkualitas, tapi harganya terlalu tinggi atau toko yang menyediakan bahan harga murah, tapi kualitasnya rendah.

Apabila pemborong jalan beton tidak berhati-hati dalam memilih material, tentu hal ini akan sangat berpengaruh pada hasil akhir yang didapat. Bisa saja jalan beton yang terlihat bagus di luar, ternyata keropos di dalam. Ketika mobil truk dengan banyak muatan lewat, jalan akan retak dan pecah dan pada akhirnya jalan akan penuh lubang. Tentu hal ini bisa menjadi masalah serius untuk para pengguna jalan. Bisa saja mereka mengalami kecelakaan jika mereka terperosok di dalam lubang.


Oleh sebab itu, sangat disarankan untuk menggunakan material berkualitas agar hasil yang didapatkan tidak mengecewakan. Btw, jika Anda seorang kontraktor yang sedang mengerjakan proyek jalan beton, apa yang Anda lakukan untuk membuat jalan tersebut awet dan tahan lama? Yup, Anda harus menggunakan struktur dari besi beton ulir atau besi beton polos supaya jalan beton bisa menahan beban yang berat. Jika saat ini Anda sedang mencari besi tersebut, tapi belum menemukan toko besi yang tepat, coba browsing di internet. Sudah melakukan hal ini, tapi masih bingung memilih toko besi terpercaya? Sebaiknya kunjungi PT. Duta Arta Sempana yang menyediakan besi beton ulir dan besi beton polos berkualitas dengan harga bersahabat. Lihat detail informasi mengenai kedua produk dan juga manfaatnya di www.dutaartasempana.co.id/54_product_besi_beton.

Mengapa Anda harus mempercayai PT. Duta Arta Sempana? Toko besi ini adalah distributor besi terpercaya di Indonesia yang sudah mulai beroperasi sejak tahun 2003 silam. Selain menyediakan besi dan baja, perusahaan swasta yang disahkan menjadi perseroan terbatas sejak 18 April 2008 ini juga menyediakan wiremesh (jaring kawat baja las), kolom praktis, pagar BRC, gabions (bronjong), barb wire (kawat duri), atap metal, dan lain sebagainya. Produk-produk tersebut diproduksi oleh perusahaan ternama di Indonesia, seperti Krakatau Steel, Toyo Giri Steel, Master Steel, Lion Mesh, Union Metal, Intan Mesh, Bumi Kaya, SBRC, Maja Makmur, dan lain sebagainya.

Untuk klien yang berada di Jakarta, PT. Duta Arta Sempana mengirim pesanan secara langsung dengan menggunakan angkutan sendiri kurang lebih selama 3 hari. Untuk kostumer yang berada di luar Jakarta, distributor besi terpercaya ini menggunakan layanan pengiriman yang cepat dan terpercaya sehingga pesanan bisa sampai tepat waktu. Bagaimana dengan harga? Harga yang ditawarkan kompetitif dan klien bisa mengecek daftar harga terlebih dahulu di situs perusahaan ini. Daftar harga yang disediakan selalu diperbaharui sehingga konsumen tidak akan tertipu atau merasa dirugiakan. Konsumen yang perlu menjadi member perusahaan ini secara gratis terlebih dahulu.

Friday, April 17 2015

Don’t Use High Heels while You Know There Are Signs of Pregnancy


Normally, ladies like carrying high heel shoes. Actually, experience significantly less than ideal or even carrying this manner product. The reason being females experience attractive and really assured when carrying high heel shoes thinking about the body will appear higher. It's genuine to function after I am not pregnant or simply spend time utilizing high heel shoes.

Nevertheless, it's recommended when it discovered indications of pregnancy to prevent high heel shoes. Included in this, modifications in a few areas of the body, frequently sickness and vomiting, calf pains, usually breathless when strolling however very little, frequently urination, and see more at SayaCantik.com. listed here are the reason why once its objective:

Miscarriage that is avoid

Sporting high heeled sneakers will definitely vulnerable to slip. Particularly if utilized in rugged landscape, the best dimension is not also large, yet others. Consequently, ladies who know a baby is within the uterus are strictly banned sporting high heel shoes to avoid miscarriages due to concussion from slipping.

Reduce discomfort

Lumbago becomes one criticism of expectant mothers. Nevertheless, back-pain could be reduced if frequently do stuff pregnant (to get a specific gestational age and you ought to consult your physician before doing this confidence). While pregnant even be additional options additionally, quit carrying high heel shoes.

Prevent cramps

Of sporting high heel shoes at that time, more additional body will be held by knee muscle. This could result in knee swelling, particularly when high heel shoes are not used too large. Furthermore, the knee muscles in turn trigger pains as well as may tighten. Don't wish to insomnia due to pains within the thighs? Avoid carrying high heel shoes.

Tuesday, March 24 2015

Actions to Do After Obtaining an HSBC Credit Card

hsbc_credit_card3.jpgAre you interested in promotion from HSBC charge card? Have you known apa saja persyaratan aplikasi kartu kredit HSBC? Actually, these products provided include a number of appealing functions for example low-awareness payments, savings, plus much more. Well, should you currently have a charge card, what ought to be completed by credit card customers? Listed here are three techniques to do:

Utilize credit cards well

Yes, every person should make use of a charge card properly since or even, the charge card is likely to be disastrous because of its customers. How do you make use of a charge card properly? The very first one you've to prepare the planned utilization of the charge card. The great, the charge card employed for buying in huge amounts or when caught alone, not for buying garments, sneakers, etc. if you're able to make use of a charge card properly, you'll not show up quick.

Settle the debt promptly

Really, spending expenses promptly is one-part of utilizing charge cards properly. Each person of the charge card is required to pay for the expenses promptly isn't since this can be a binding supply, but additionally to prevent charges or penalties. Consequently, be sure you remember when to pay for expenses like a daily program could make sure when inadvertently. Generate reminders when required in order to not overlook.

Keep updated about the latest offer

Lastly, you might also need to check out the most recent improvements promotion of charge card items since banks often usually provide appealing presents to maintain its dedicated client satisfaction. You realize that there are certainly a large amount of fascinating functions that charge cards could be helpful, for instance, savings for buying at selected shops, guide rooms in hotels, consuming in restaurants, yet others.

Wednesday, March 18 2015

Before Purchasing Hari Raya Hamper Online, Request the Vendor These!

Hari_Raya_Hamper_online3.jpg Are you currently buying spot to purchase Hari Raya hamper? It’s more straightforward to visit with this site that provides lots of present and hamper choices.

For all those of you who're likely to existing effects for the relatives, you shouldn’t be reckless! Just before Hari Raya, there are sexy vendors that attempt to fool potential prospects or lots of criminals. Consequently, you have to be cautious. Select a trusted retailer as previously mentioned within the first section.

Keep in mind, before buying these products, you're recommended to request some concerns within the following:

Are the items good?

Certainly, you have to understand first not or whether effects you're likely to purchase continue to be in good shape. You definitely don’t wish to fail your households or acquaintances giving presents which are poor within the unique time or terminated.

Is worldwide shipping provided for you?

Possibly, you've buddies or relatives that reside faraway. Do individuals who may obtain your gifts remain abroad? You clearly require a shop that serves global shipping company when they do. By obtaining this support, of steps to make folks you like who're absent pleased and pleased you don’t need to get puzzled. You may also reveal pleasure together?

May I get affordable cost?

Since you need to invest lots of cash, purchasing Hari Raya hamper can be hugely complicated. You most likely have to discount or get savings in the vendor, should you be prepared to get cost. Buy at FlowerAdvisor if you want the one with cheap price.


Tuesday, March 10 2015

My Wife Consumes OvaBoost, Do You?

If you are married 2-3 years and you have not been blessed with offspring, what do you feel? Of course, you will be sad and quite annoyed with this. This feeling that I felt last year when my beloved wife not knows if the woman is fertile. Even so, I continued to pray and always keep kesetianku him. I kept thinking positively as possible Almighty God is testing my patience. Various traditional ways we've ever done, but to no avail. Finally I tell my troubles to a close friend. He advised me to buy a fertilizer supplement woman, her name OvaBoost in WishingBaby.com. Visit our website to get more information.


I immediately visited the Baby Wishing to find out information about the woman's fertility supplements in detail. OvaBoost sold at Rp 470,000 per bottle with the contents of 30 capsules. The price is quite affordable for me. I also bought two bottles for my wife immediately. Rules of use of the supplement itself are 4 capsules a day: twice after breakfast and two after lunch or dinner.

OvaBoost contains substances needed by women to trigger the pregnancy, such as myo-inositol, folic acid, and melatonin which serves to increase the egg. In addition, there is also Coenzyme (CoQ10), which can help the egg to produce the energy needed. Another best part of this female fertility supplements are supplements do not contain yeast, milk, soy, coloring, wheat, and artificial preservatives. Experts highly recommend this supplement for women over 30 years.

Since taking OvaBoost, my wife can finally pregnant. Of course this is also thanks to God Almighty. Our efforts finally paid off.

Saturday, March 7 2015

Oops! Do Not Do These If You Want to Go to Lombok

"I am really happy" is often pronounced answer by travelers after their vacation is over. Of course, happiness during the holidays is not obtained simply because you have to plan your vacation as well as possible. Talking about holiday, sometimes this moment is unpleasant. Is it true? Yup, this is true. Anyway, if you want to go on liburan ke Senggigi Lombok in the short time, make sure that you don’t do these:


Avoid preparing extra budgets

There are many unexpected things that can happen during holiday, such as: lost luggage, illness, car accident, and so forth. This will certainly make you lose, right? If you do not prepare extra money, you will run into financial problems during holiday. Because of this, preparing extra budgets, especially if you like shopping and plan to visit not only Senggigi Beach, but also Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, Nirmada Park, Mount of Rinjani, Segara Anak Lake, Pink Beach, Sire Beach, and so on.

Make hotel reservation online at wrong site

Making hotel reservation is easier and simpler. Unfortunately, there are many travelers booking accommodation with poor information so they do this at wrong website. As a result, they lose much money. To avoid this, you should visit official hotel sites or well-known and reliable third-parties. Last but not least, don’t be shy to ask people or police if you don’t know the route to visit Senggigi Beach or other tourism spots that you want. If you don’t do this, you will just get lost and harm yourself at last.

Wednesday, February 25 2015

Hijaunya Indonesiaku

Di mana lagi kita bisa menemukan banyaknya hutan dan sawah kalau bukan di Indonesia?

Kalau di Jawa, sepanjang jalan mata kita disuguhi indahnya sawah-sawah, khususnya ketika musim hujan tiba

Kalau di Sumatera, sepanjang jalan banyak kebun-kebun karet dan kebun-kebun sawit

Gimana nggak hijau Nusantara kita tercinta ini?

Saturday, February 14 2015

Requirements for Mandiri Credit Card Application

mandiri_credit_card2.jpgShopping with credit card by Mandiri, why not? Many people who do not want to have a credit card because it considers that a dangerous credit card and carrier financial problems. Well, it happened because users are not able to manage your finances well and do not use it wisely. The key is you are not extravagant and spending carelessly though has a credit card. In addition, make sure to always pay bills on time.

Well, there are again looking for a credit card? If you wonder apa saja persyaratan aplikasi kartu kredit Mandiri, read the general requirements of the credit card application below:


Listed below are the general requirements that must be met by submitting credit card applications:

  • Age. The age range of the main holder of the credit card that is 21-65 years. Whereas, for the additional card holders aged 17 years.
  • Income. Applicants must have a credit card with a certain minimum amount of income to be able to hold credit cards. For Mandiri, minimum income is 3 million. Meanwhile, other banks ranging from 5 million.


The following documents must be submitted by the applicants credit card:

  • Copy of identity card (KTP / SIM / Passport)
  • Evidence of paycheck
  • Permit profession
  • etc.

You should know is that the information above is just a credit card application requirements in general. In addition, it’s important to find out more about the products that you choose a credit card because there may be differences or additional.

Wednesday, February 11 2015

2 Sources of Business Capital

You must be intelligent life today that the majority of human labor has been replaced by technology. Doing business one of the steps that you can take to stay afloat. Business clothes children or adults can remember the moment you consider not only clothes but also as a privacy cover fashion. Get clothes from GrosirBersama supply (find out more about grosirbersama here)! More diverse and cheap of course.


The lack of jobs is becoming one of the causes of the rapid technological developments. How come? Technology can replace the role of human labor so that not a few companies choose to use advanced technology that is more effective and efficient.

Does this mean the graduates in this age many are unemployed? Do Not. With notes, graduates must dare to run your own business. Unfortunately, the courage they have often not accompanied by the ability of capital. Given this, the admin interested in writing 2 business capital sources that can be used to run a business.

Financial institutions

Not difficult to find a financial institution established either by the government or the private sector today. Utilizing the services of a loan from a financial institution bank and non-bank business capital becomes one of the actions that can be performed. Unfortunately, to get a loan from a financial institution is not easy. The following conditions must be fulfilled: the identity card (ID card, passport, driver's license, or other), guarantees promising (property, vehicles, etc.), paychecks, not included in the black list, etc.


As a beginner business, borrowed funds in financial institutions are certainly quite difficult. Therefore, another path to try to get business capital is joined by brothers, relatives, or friends. In this case, you and your siblings, relatives, or friends can share capital or those who have capital and you as peoplewhorun of the business. For the pros and cons can be divided evenly.

Tuesday, February 10 2015

Perjalanan Wisataku di Lombok

My_Trip_in_Lombok4.jpgBelakangan ini, pekerjaan kantor makin banyak saja. Ini dikarenakan pengaruh perampingan karyawan. Jadi, aku sebagai karyawan yang bertahan mendapatkan imbas dari semua ini dengan mengerjakan pekerjaan teman-teman yang pensiun dini. Hal inilah yang membuatku mengambil cuti selama beberapa hari untuk melakukan liburan. Bisa gawat kan kalau stres dibiarkan?

Lombok menjadi destinasi wisata yang aku pilih untuk menghilangkan stres. Jatuhnya pilihanku ke Lombok tidak lain karena banyak artikel yang menggambarkan begitu indah dan naturalnya tempat wisata di Lombok. Pendapat teman-temanku juga demikian tentang Lombok. I’m coming Lombok….

Perjalananku di Lombok dimulai dengan mengunjungi desa adat di Lombok. Desa Banyumulek menjadi desa pertama yang aku kunjungi. Desa ini dikenal sebagai desa pengrajin gerabah. Sebagian besar penduduknya membuat asbak, guci, kendi, tempat lampu, tungku, dan lainnya dari tanah liat sebagai mata pencariannya.

Setelah cukup puas, aku lanjut ke Desa Sukarara. Saat pertama kali menginjakkan kaki di desa ini, aku sudah ditawarkan pemandangan wanita remaja, dewasa, dan tua sedang menenun di depan rumahnya. Jadi, tertarik belajar menenun deh. Kain tenun khas Lombok ini cantik-cantik loh. Aku pun membelinya untuk oleh-oleh.

Berkeliling di dua desa adat Lombok ternyata capek juga. Tidak hanya itu, perut juga sudah mulai keroncongan. Akhirnya, aku putuskan untuk berwisata kuliner khas Lombok. Setelah perut diisi dengan nasi putih, plecing kangkung, ayam taliwang, dan tuak manis khas Lombok, aku melanjutkan perjalanan ke Pantai Kuta Lombok.

Airnya yang jernih dan tenang membuatku tertarik untuk berenang di pantai ini. Bisa dibilang pantai yang memiliki pasir berwarna putih dan dikelilingi bukit ini cukup bersih bila dibandingkan Pantai Kuta di Bali loh. Kalo kamu enggak percaya, coba deh datang langsung ke sini. Eits, satu lagi aku juga beli oleh-oleh loh di pantai ini. Banyak ibu-ibu yang membawa ikatan kain berisikan kain tenun, kaos, dan souvenir lainnya. Harganya pun enggak mahal-mahal banget.

Eh, mataharinya udah mau “tidur”. Saatnya balik ke penginapan!


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